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Welcome to Gladsaxe

As a new resident in Gladsaxe, there are many aspects to consider to ensure that you and your family settle in comfortably. You might have questions regarding personal matters, your children´s education, your professional life, or various other topics.

On this page, you can find assistance in locating the necessary information on Gladsaxe´s website.

We invite you to join an engaging, informative and fun event on May 25th 2024 for internationals living and working in Gladsaxe. This event offers an opportunity for you and your family to deepen your understanding of Gladsaxe Municipality and get familiar with your local area, connect with local organizations, participate in inspiring discussions, network with other internationals in your community and exchange tips on navigating and embracing life in Gladsaxe.

Check out the program and secure your spot by signing up no later than May 15th 2024 – first come first served.
Sign up for Welcome event May 25th 2024

Start now networking with other internationals in Gladsaxe by joining the Facebook group “Internationals living and working in Gladsaxe”.

Registration and CPR number upon arrival in Denmark

To become registered and receive a CPR number your stay in Denmark must exceed 3 months.

  • If you live in Gladsaxe Municipality, you have to go to the International House Copenhagen, Gyldenløvsgade 11, 1600 København.
  • If your stay in Denmark is less than 3 months, do not register.

The steps in the registration process

Book an appointment at the International House Copenhagen

Meet in person at the International House Copenhagen: 

  • Passport or National ID Card 
  • Lease/ lodging host statement 
  • EU Citizens: Registration certificate (registration certificate can be obtained from the SIRI) 
  • Not EU Citizens: Residence permit (residence permit can be obtained from Immigration SIRI 
  • Children’s birth certificate if you bring children.
  • Marriage certificate if you are married

In Denmark, there is compulsory education for all children form the age of 6.
Gladsaxe has 10 public schools and reception classes.

The reception classes at Vadgård School and Gladsaxe 10th Grade and Youth School (GXU) are Gladsaxe Municipality's school offerings for bilingual children and youth who are newly arrived in Denmark and who do not yet have sufficient Danish language skills to follow the regular classroom instruction.
On our website, you can find more information about the schools in Gladsaxe Municipality.

Most Danish young children spend a significant part of their day in daycare centers. Daycare centers provide care for children under 3 years old, as well as nursery schools for 0-6-year-olds. 

In daycare centers, there are trained staff members who ensure a good, safe, and developmental environment. 

You can enroll your child in the daycare, you have three priorities, which you can sign up for here.

Daycare centers are open from 7 am to 5 pm, offering flexibility for families to choose the hours they need. 

There's close collaboration between parents and staff in all daycare centers to ensure the well-being and development of the child. 

Each daycare center uses a communication platform called AULA, where parents can receive updates and communicate with staff, such as when a child is sick. 

Each center is led by a manager responsible for organizing trustful collaboration, security, and a nurturing learning environment for the children and families.  

You can find information about each center and daily routines on their website.  

Here is an overview of daycare options in Gladsaxe along with links to the nursery schools' websites. Daycare centers provide essential information on their websites.

If you, your child, or family need advice, guidance, or support concerning family issues you can receive assistance in Gladsaxe Municipality from social workers, psychologists, family therapists, etc.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need to talk to someone about your family’s situation.

You can find our contact information here.

Learn more about early preventive interventions here.

Learn more about supportive interventions here.

Learn more about lighter treatment and guidance for children and young people experiencing mental distress and their parents here.


In the Jobcenter, you can receive assistance with quality checks of your motivated applications and your CV, as well as general guidance on customs in the Danish job market. We encourage you to create your CV on and possibly other private job portals, as most jobs in Denmark are filled through online applications. You can also contact recruitment agencies and temporary employment agencies if you need help finding your next job. You can find agencies in the yellow pages or through other online searches. Additionally, you can benefit from finding online courses, e-learning, and webinars on job hunting in Denmark at

There is a dedicated portal for foreigners: You can also find more relevant information at the International House

Child healthcare

Pregnant women and families with children can get guidance and good advice about physical and mental health from Gladsaxe´s healthcare nurses. All visits are free of charge and the healthcare nurse will come to you home.

The purpose is to contribute to a general health promotion and health prevention effort, which must help to ensure a healthy upbringing for children and young people.

We make home visits when you child is an infant, and also offer to participate in a start-up meeting when your child starts daycare, nursery, and kindergarten. We provide general advice and guidance to the staff on topics such as children's illness, hygiene, and cleanliness. The health care nurse will also see your child several times during the years in school. Read more about Sundhedsplejen.

Child therapy

Therapy helps children and young people between the ages of 0-18 who have challenges with motor skills, senses or who experience physical or psychological limitations. Through training and advice, occupational and physiotherapists help to increase the child's skills. Read more about Børneterapien.

Gladsaxe offers a wealth of activities and experiences for both children and adults, ensuring that your free time is filled with enjoyment and opportunities for personal growth.

Gladsaxe has five libraries scattered throughout the municipality. Each library is a gateway to knowledge, creativity, and community engagement. They offer a variety of events, workshops, and play areas for children, as well as study spaces and a wide selection of books and digital resources for adults.

Gladsaxe Music and Art School provides high-quality music education for children and youngsters.

Gladsaxe is also known for its active community life,, with associations and clubs that cater to a variety of interests. The sports scene is particularly vibrant, with facilities and clubs for football, handball, swimming, gymnastics, and much more. No matter your age or skill level, there's a place for you to get active and meet like-minded individuals.

The municipality's commitment to fostering a strong community spirit is evident in the numerous events and activities organized throughout the year. From cultural festivals to sports tournaments, there's always something happening in Gladsaxe.

It is important for the municipality to make the city an attractive place to live, work and invest – supporting both Danish and international companies making it attractive to locate in Gladsaxe as well as make the city liveable and ensure a good quality of life for all citizens.

The municipalitys is focusing on five strategic priorities and the three bottom lines and collaborate closely and in partnerships with companies, educational institutions, start-ups and organisations on these 5 priorities.

Ensuring that interactions and processes between the municipality and companies are smooth Gladsaxe Municipality has established a business team providing support and guidance to both Danish and international companies.

Find out more about the municipality and the business team here.

As a citizen living in Gladsaxe Municipality you can attend the following courses free of charge by registering using this link: Job & Career | International House Copenhagen (

Below the various courses:

First Job Copenhagen can provide you with the tools needed to find a job that matches your experiences and educational background: First Job Copenhagen | International House Copenhagen (

Copenhagen Career Program provides services for accompanying spouses residing in Greater Copenhagen: Copenhagen Career Program | International House Copenhagen (

Kick start your career: Career kick start | International House Copenhagen (

Greater Copenhagen Career Program is 7-month career program for international students: Greater Copenhagen Career Program for Int. Students | International House Copenhagen (

This job search course is for expats with limited educational background living in the City of Copenhagen and Greater Copenhagen: Get Started | International House Copenhagen (

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